How to Nip Creativity in the bud…

A toddler loves to scribble on walls, sidewalk and on your final project reports. But If you give him/her a piece of paper and some crayons tell him ” Can you please draw me a beautiful Picture”? The lines and shapes of his drawings doesn’t look the same as it art work on your project report. Why?
He/She is now pressured to impress you. Worried what if you don’t like it. What if judge him.
Stress is not good for Artists, Big and Small. Space and peace are a breeding ground for Creativity.

Give out the materials and walk away. You child will not only be holding a master piece but also holding peace of mind.

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Roller coaster on the Side Walk..

My 3-year-old loves Roller coaster. Every time he runs on the sidewalk he pretends he is on a roller coaster. Now as a mother I want to encourage his imaginative play. What should I do? I hop on his fun roller coaster and go zooming down with him. I feel like a child. I know others may find my actions ridiculous. Should I care?

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